Hello everyone my name is Cynthia Kraft, I currently live in Phoenix Arizona but I grew up in Columbus Ohio where I attended Ohio State University with a major in Aviation Management.

Some of my favorites:
Writers: Older Stephen King, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Kresley Cole
Food: Best meal ever: Petrus, London, UK
Second place: Joel Robuchon at the Mansion, Las Vegas, NV
Third place:Tie Lola, Cleveland OH & Alex, Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
Music: Old skool metal (hair bands), New Metal, Trivium, Cell Dweller, Rock, and alot of Hawai’ian music lately like No Bare Feet, Pali, Bruddah Iz, and Dennis Pavao…
Movies: Miyazaki Anime, Old school anime, Action Movies. Really into HK movies and Bollywood films lately…

About Karma:
Karma, not just a plot on a television show about white trailer trash, although the show is humorous. Karma plays an important part of how I live my life. To do good, you must also do bad. To receive good, you must also receive bad. Nature abhors a vacuum and good and bad happen all the time. To believe that you can only do/receive one without the other will leave you sadly mistaken and crying in your Wheaties.
To know if you’re doing good or know if you’re doing bad makes no difference. Living ones life in harmony with your surroundings and trying to live life true to your nature will be the only path forward. Clear yourself of rantings and burdens and do not store up anger it will only come back upon you in the end. Knowing what will happen before you do would be nice, but is impractical. First you must do, then you will know. Learn from what you do, and remember for the future. Change, adapt, overcome and most of all have belief that in the end all will be equal.