I’ve been hijacked. Robbed. Swindled. Ripped Off.
Those fat green bastards. I am so angry. Buddha must be powerful indeed. I wanted to squish everyone but left them to rot into the plastic container while they shat out their devastation.

So this comes on the heels of me spending 7 hour plus days in the garden for a week tilling, aerating, composting, fertilizing and changing over the caliche compact soil we have mixing it in with good dirt, compost and fertilizer. And apparently a little extra bonus in one of the bags I picked up :P fucking Home Depot.

Then I put the new plants in the ground and spent another 3 days watering extra walking around checking them making sure they’re okay. thing is…. those little bastards are the same color as all my plants. *swears*

I also put in 3 new lights. One in each of the long planting beds, and a new on on the lime tree as it’s always been a dim piece of shit.

Replaced 2 burnt out bulbs, promptly a 3rd one burnt out. Luckily they come in a pack of 4. New blacklight bug zapper *ZOTZ* I am human and I AM sick of being eaten alive by those mosquitos the size of my hand. And everything else that flaps apparently.

I’m still pissed about the peppers. Apparently some kind of sphinx moth from what I can figure out. Son of a bitch.

For the new plantings I put in Spinach, Epazote, Lime Thyme, New lemongrass. Back bed has Cuban Oregano *oh yes ese* mojo time, Celery, curly parsley, italian parsley, purple sage, Jerusalem sage, Berggarten sage, and dill. We let loose the lady bugs to feed on the world. Too bad they couldn’t eat the caterpillars >.<

And I even spotted a baby translucent gecko one night while I was talking to Katie on the phone. (Photo's not great, but he kept running toward the light *ha*ha*) ;)



Baby Gecko

New spotlight on Oleander

Backyard full darkness new light on left and right. Lemon tree in center. (Half the brightness of the two new lights, but is brighter in person).

I’d post more pictures but right now I’m too tired to do them one at a time the batch uploader is broken and it’s annoying ;) later.