Oh! I almost forgot! I was watching Masterchef Australia (Way better than the US version which sucks my ovaries it’s so watered down.) And in walks Mr. Blumenthal himself to lay down a challenge for the elimination.
Contestants had to cook his Burger, Triple cooked chips and do any ‘drink/shake’ that brought memories to them. Which Heston is very big on food evoking memories and emotions. (Think “sounds of the sea”, and “pop rocks” and his “feasts”). They had I think it was 75 minutes? Maybe it was 90 can’t remember now. Anyway, they had to make the brioche buns, the ketchup, grind the meat special (Heston style short grains vertical through patty), make their own cheese (and slice it!), and then of course triple cook the chips (boil, double fry) to achieve perfect crispy nooks.
All of it not that hard. It’s all in Heston’s Book Total Perfection (Hamburger p 194, Fish & Chips starts 252). Oh and Heston didn’t tell them the percentage of salt to use, but it’s 1% of the amount of meat your grinding, in case you’re wondering to bind the fibers.
Each contestant managed to bung one aspect of the challenge up. No two bunged the same way. I suppose that’s why they were all in the elimination round. Doo-dahs. Rachel managed to get the boot in the end because she stuffed up her meat and her ‘shake’ was little more than an Aussie version of Hershey syrup in milk.
Kinda sad, I was actually hoping she’d pull through I liked her more than the other 3 dinks. Craig and Shannon managed to bork the next week as well, and went into the next challenge as well. Shannon going home finally. I mean, jeez she was in what the last 3? 4? eliminations! That long in the bottom… either you get the hint and kick your ass into gear or you go home. Ah well… another what, 8 weeks and it’s done.. whee. :)