Sooo l am on a shaved ice spree again because A) it’s summer and B) it’s about the best low carb dessert I can think of that doesn’t suck balls.

The ice, the main component, is free after all. Shave as much as you want, it’s just the damn syrup that costs a pound of sugar or fat.

So instead of having to use the store bought syrups that are 180 calories per tablespoon O_O. I decided to make my own, since fruit is in stock. So fruit coulis here I come.

First up is:

Mango Orange Lime with Pandan extract

Ingredients Calories Carbs Fat Protein
Generic – 1 Cup Water, 1 cup 0 0 0 0
Simply Orange – Orange Juice 100% Pure Original Pulp Free, 8 oz 110 26 0 2
Fresh Squeezed – Lime Juice, 4 Lime 40 13 0 1
Mangos – Raw, 3 cup, sliced 322 84 1 3
Generic – Pandan Extract, 1 tsp 10 1 0 0
Sweet Tooth – Organic Palm Sugar, 24 tsp 240 60 0 0
Total: 722 184 1 6
Per Serving: 18 5 0 0

On stovetop in good solid bottom pot (at least 4 qt, preferably 6 qt) add in water, pandan extract, and sugar. Stir until sugar is completely dissolved. Add in lime juice, orange juice, and strained mango puree. Bring to a low simmer, (Or about 160 degrees Farenheit thermometer) once fluid begins low boil, stir until sauce thickens. **If you dip a metal spoon when you hold it sideways with the back facing you, if you wipe your finger down the center longitudinally the sauce holds its place on the spoon.
Remove sauce from the stove top and place in ice bath making sure not to get any water or ice into the syrup/sauce. Stir the sauce and let it cool down as much as possible to room temperature as quickly as possible. Then refrigerate till chilled.
Shave ice, top with 2 tablespoons of sauce. Enjoy!