I think my brain is going to burst at the moment. I can’t stop the neurons from firing. Now.. normally this is what I’m used to, but today it’s like the ideas are just hitting me *pow*pow*pow* It’s a little unsettling. And I’ve only been awake like 3 hours.

First yesterday was the first REAL workout I’ve had in a while. Last week was the wrap on my Physical Therapy for the ankle and knee and so this week I continued my workouts at the PT center since they have all my data. I do miss some of the equipment at my old gym and Sarah my trainer. :( I guess life moves on. Anyway yesterday went to the workout and hit it hard. By 10pm about 6 hours after the workout the DOMS had set in and so I tried to go to sleep which probably was a bad idea. I would just get comfy and all my muscles would twitch. Jeeez… Needless to say sleep was not as much fun as one would think.

So I woke up and things still ache. Arms mostly, neck surprisingly and don’t know why that one, I think I slept wrong ;) Legs have recovered as I expected them to. Officially as today the new medicine I started on May 4th one month ago, I have lost 40 lbs as of today. Booyah. We’ll see if that keeps up, but I doubt it. In the last week/two it’s gotten slower. Now mostly due to movie night, no more effing popcorn or nachos. Damn, 4 lbs gained each. Seriously, that’s messed up. My goal for June is to cross the 400 mark and not look back. Something I haven’t seen since roughly the year 2000. Fingers crossed. Lots of sweat in the doing.

A friend of mine has been talking about getting a moped because of gas prices in California. And it reminded me how much I loved my moped when I was 15.

I found this photo online, it’s what mine looked like, but this one of course isn’t mine. I sold mine for next to nothing to a friend in college and the stupid bint left it unlocked and got it stolen. I don’t know why that still angers me so much. I suppose it’s the careless nature of ones possessions. I was always taught to take care of your stuff and look after it. I loved riding that moped. Freezing in winter with 2 pairs of gloves and 2 coats to school, even when I’d be warmer on the bus, just because it meant that I didn’t have to leave when THEY said I had to leave for school. No no, I actually had to leave earlier to get there on time. HA. So funny. But I could dawdle after school and when the buses pulled away I could smirk as I was still there. I don’t know why that gave me such a sense of superiority. Seems silly now. I suppose it was because I felt in charge of my own destiny. Not ruled by the powers that be. Sick of being pushed around even at age 15 ;) Of course it also meant I could stop off at Dairy Queen for a Mr Misty Grape slushy in warmer weather before coming home too ;) Or drive through Minerva Park and visit the ducks and geese at the pond and feed them some bread if I had any left over.

Last week I bought a Soda Siphon by iSi.

And I found out some things. First of all, Sur la Table can drive you crazy by having the equipment but not the parts that you need to use it. The one by my house had the unit but not the chargers with gas to power it up. Well, they had chargers for the cream units. So I said, sell me those. I had to look it up on my iPhone, in the store, to see what the difference was. Turns out the cream chargers carry Nitrous oxide 8g and are colored silver. The soda chargers are carbon dioxide 8g and colored gold. So I say, wtf right? I now have to investigate the whole mess.
Turns out the nitrogen is actually antimicrobial and that is one of the reasons they use it with cream and dairy products. Also apparently it’s odorless and colorless of course and so doesn’t react with the food it’s being passed through. Large quantities of nitrous oxide in a beverage would be a very bad idea however. Well, unless you want that sort of thing. But don’t forget to check your Erowid Nitrous oxide intake beforehand and don’t say I didn’t warn you. Oh and it’s flammable too, so if your guests smoke and drink….
So that’s why they use the carbon dioxide in the soda siphon, that and it of course ‘carbonates’ the beverage you need carbonated. Which I had to drive halfway across town to get the soda chargers to use with my new toy.

So I had purchased some squid and I decided what the heck, lets do some tempura batter. Lets just see if using icy cold soda water in the batter gets it super crispy as I’ve been told all these years. … HOLY FUCK YES Okay sorry. I know I’m a little excited. But yeah, it worked. I put the box of tempura flour into the bowl. I added 500ml of cold water into the soda siphon, charged it with two soda chargers to ensure proper fizzelation. (Maximum charging number per my source I’ll explain later) and then after it was chilled for 30 minutes in the refrigerator discharged it into the bowl with the flour and mixed it quickly, but not completely, leaving lumps. And immediately dunked the squid and fried it. ZAM Instant super duper unbelievably crispy batter. And I didn’t even add the vodka to it yet. (Need to try that next, but saving that for the haddock!)

So As I sat there reading my book from Heston….

I couldn’t help but wonder how the hell I was going to put all the things through the soda siphon that I wanted to do. I wondered how the hell Heston put all the things through the soda siphon that he does. How does it get the foams? The liquids? The espumas? Chocolate? Soda Syrups? How many chargers can you use safely? Am I going to discharge the top off into my chest if I use too many? Can I cook the food that I have used a NO2 canister into? I’d really hate to blow up my oven, I’m awfully fond of it. But I do have good home insurance ;)

So I started looking… Okay the manual from iSi is kind of a joke. Never put anything bigger than your elbow into the soda siphon… blah blah blah.. .yeah Okay I get the point… Everything I’ve seen Mr. Blumenthal do is against every rule in the manual. It’s almost like me and the moped ;) So I scoured the internet. Everyone goes on about how they did this with their siphon and that, but no one says HOW they did it, did they leave the parts inside it? Did they use 2 chargers, 3? How viscous was the fluid they pumped through it? Merde. So I decided to write Mr. Blumenthal. I figured someone there might be able to explain it, or he might have written it down in one of his books and it would be able to explain it all to me. That would be fabulous.
So I sat down to write the note. I had to write it 3 times. It had to be short, I didn’t want to waste his time. It had to be to the point, and maybe even a little witty, I’m sure he gets thousands of letters. Housewives must make his toes curl. Managed to do it. Got it all into one notecard. Posted it off..

Got a call this morning…
Number was blocked, I almost didn’t answer it, I sometimes don’t answer them. I’m glad I did.
It was a young man, Otto, a Senior Development Chef calling from The Fat Duck in Bray. OMG> *jaw hitting floor* Hello! Thank you so much for calling…
….. (Me with flurry of million questions)….. (Him very patient and explaining things) …. *shock*

I think I’m still in shock. But I’m indescribably happy, and optimistic. I have to however, go buy a whipping canister. For the thicker foams and creams and chocolates and such. And he helped me with my idea for swirling the lemon syrup through the ice cream ;) If I was in the UK right now I’d give him a giant huge hug and a kiss on the cheek. :) Thank you Otto. Thank you. Thank you for taking the time to call me, and answer my questions and patiently explain equipment to me, a crazy, mad, housewife.
Today, you are my hero. :) I hope you have a great service tonight.