So Erik and I went off on excursion in early August. We flew up to Seattle on Alaska Airlines (Thanks Sis!) for nearly free due to Karen’s Flight Attendant passes and then took the Amtrak down to Portland, where we rented a car and attended the Buffum Family Associations 2010 reunion in McMinnville, OR. Along with the reunion we toured the Oregon coast and went winery hopping. Then took the train back up to Seattle where we spent several days visiting the Boeing Museum of Flight, The Space Needle, Chateau Ste. Michelle winery, and spending time with Karen when she got back in town from her duty shift. Which luckily, ended the day before we were set to return home to Phoenix. We had a great time relaxing and being cool in the 80′°F range instead of the awful 118F we left at home (and sadly returned to.)
Here are some of the pictures I took while on the trip.

Tacoma Narrows Bridge as viewed from the Amtrak Train

Near Siletz Bay, Oregon

Sand Lake inlet, Clay Myers State Park inside Siuslaw National Forest

At the Gammon Launch Hang-gliding debarkation point, OR coastline

Olives growing at Red Ridge Farms

Herbs at Red Ridge Farms

Vineyards near Red Ridge Farms

Anna Jean Buffum Ryan and Cynthia Kraft wine-tasting in OR
Thanks for driving us around Erik! :)

Coelho Winery Tour, Amity Oregon

Cynthia at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum

If I could just get the hanger doors open and some jetav….

Erik and his Mig. Note the tail section of the Spruce Goose above him

Boeing 787 on test flight take-off over Boeing field, Seattle, WA

View of original Air Force One plane as taken while I stood under the Concorde

If only it was real…

Cynthia at the Space Needle

Sitting inside the Space Needle eating lunch and looking West over Puget Sound

Seattle from the Space Needle, Sky City Cafe

Sea-side condos that overlook Vashon Island. Located southwest of Burien, WA