Jiggity Jig.

Now that I have been home a week and a half the life is starting to spring back to normal. I finally got caught up with all 3500+ emails, and yet some are left to do more work on. Yow.
I haven’t yet begun to compile the family bulletin (due out early June) or updated the website in forever. Especially to notate that we have lost a valued member of our organization. Gene Buffum passed away early March. He was the previous Genealogist and the person who got me hooked on ‘Buffum’ as it were. Even though I grew up Buffum, it was nice finding out what a diverse group we actually are. He will be greatly missed by many, but especially me.

Much is going on in Fauxenix but most important is the beginning of our mass exodus to the promised land. YES dear reader I have been greenlit to begin the westward trek to the land of sun and pineapple. Hawai’i! No we don’t know what island yet, who cares! Time to sell the house, inoculate the cat, and ship the house. Tally-HO! I am excited. Delirious actually. Lists have begun. YARR!

On another note! It has been officially one year since I have begun food blogging in earnest (mostly on Urbanspoon.com and here are my stats.

Joined in May ’09
How am I doing?
124 Reviews
137 Like It Votes
41 Don’t Like It Votes
22 Friends
64 Kudos
30 New restaurants
92 Photos

What am I eating?
American 15%
Pizza 7%
Sandwiches/Subs 6%
Mexican 5%
Japanese 5%
Other 62%

Where am I eating?
Northeast Phoenix 43%
Deer Valley 23%
Scottsdale 13%
Cave Creek 6%
Gilbert 1%
Other 14%

Which cities?
Austin 3
Cleveland 1
Columbus 33
Edinburgh 1
Hawaii 3
Las Vegas 7
London 1
Ohio 1
Phoenix 119
Springfield 10
Texas 2

I am on the top contributors lists in Phoenix, AZ: Columbus, OH: Springfield, IL. Freaky ;)

Of other note my niece Katie turned 14 and was accepted to her target school that she applied to, and will be attending in the fall. Kick some ass kiddo, I couldn’t be any prouder of you than I am already at the person you’ve become.

On the other front, my TX niece and nephews all have managed to contract Whooping Cough. Yes that’s right you heard me. Jeebus. And of course poor Karl has it also. Un-be-freaking-levable. Get well soon.

Loki-chan is doing well and has put on 1lb 7oz since he was last in the vet. Although his titer has come back at the same viral levels of Coccidioidomycosis as the last check up 3 months ago, he seems to be combatting it better, and the osteomyelitis in his right forearm has repaired itself to a great extent and only has slight edema from the remaining shock to his system. While we are continuing to dose him BID/PO 50mg Fluconazole I think I am going to look into further treatment with a secondary azole cocktail because I’d rather he be spore free than be on maintenance medication.

Weather has been glorious. Hope you all are having a great Spring!