So everyone is all worked up about the killer whale killing the trainer at Sea World. Okay, it sucks. Tragedy? Not really. No one is mentioning the obvious part. Here is a photo of the trainer and the whale, on the left.

Now here is a photo of their primary food source.

Coincidence? I think not. IT’s an animal people. Sure it’s a mammal, and everyone knows the killer whale is pretty smart. But if you had to do the same tricks everyday for something that looks like what you used to eat for dinner…. Think about it.

Oh and you say, well what’s with him pulling her by her blonde hair. I give you evidence B.

I rest my case. We should all be saying, poor whales, let them swim in the ocean and eat penguins. Of course I love penguins and this saddens me, but it’s the way of Darwin. Luckily they also eat seals. :)