So I have great news to report. Loki got his Western Blot test results back and the little bugger is actually NOT FIV positive. Meaning whoever did that test 2 years ago I want to shoot.
On the other hand his little sutures came out today but he was still draining the wound so they put a staple in the one area where he popped the stitch out last week. Bad kitty!
I also have to wash his wound area with an anti-bacterial wash daily till he heads back in to get the staple out in a week or so. Total cost so far for this incident is about $1000. ^(&%# furry fuzzball. It’s a good thing I DO love him.

In other news for the BFA the fall deadline for the Bulletin arrives October 1st so I’ll be putting that together to go to press in the next couple of weeks. I am still awaiting the 5 articles I was promised, so we’ll see how that goes ;)

The Buckeyes actually won again today in the 2nd straight shutout. I am simply amazed. Either that loss to USC kicked them in the ass and woke them up or they really are getting their crap together or Illinois was a shittier team than us. All are possibly true. But I have a few rants about their playing.
Special Teams Fumbles. – HOLY CRAP you play maybe 10 times the whole game, on a BUSY game, do you think you sad little idiots could actually HOLD ONTO the ball when you receive it? Or if you can’t, let the son of a bitch bounce and we’ll take it where it lands. Either way, do your job or get out of the way. I can surely tell you Michigan will not be as kind to us as Illinois was today and they will certainly rip the ball away and take it to the end zone given a modicum of a chance.
Late Game Schedules – This is actually a left over rant from USC. Can you please, for the love of god, stop selling the souls of our children for a few more $$$ from the TV networks to put us on at the late game. We don’t do well ever. I would like to say it isn’t so, but that’s the sad truth. Our boys wake up at the crack of dawn, put on their gear and are ready to go by noon. And then they’re forced to SIT and WAIT and wear down their adrenaline and energy all day till we get some crappy start time of 5pm or later. I mean the USC game, 8pm, REAALLY? Are you serious? WHY? So those lazy LA people could turn on the TV and watch the game on THEIR TIME? I mean I’m in Phoenix and *I* get up at the butt crack of dawn to watch games even when they’re on at 9am here. It’s what you do for the love of the game. Sure we might have been the ‘big’ game of the week, but so what, watch the game at noon or 3pm like it’s supposed to be. I hope at some point the AD or Tressel will say, HEY enough is enough. Let our boys play when they’re ready to play. Someday I might have to spend a month comparing the W-L record of our games by start time. But I don’t have the patience much for that, but in my memory we don’t win games that start as the sun is setting.

I hope that we continue to win. I look forward to once again watch our Buckeyes smack the tar out of those smelly beasties up North. Keep up the good work!