So as I write this I’ve finally made it through 1600 emails, a pile of mail, bills, and did the quick “to-do” mailings I’d promised people over the time I was on the trip to Ohio and Springfield.
I’ve now gotten down to the other ‘serious work’ I’ve got to do updating the families website, preparing bulletin articles and outlining what I can ask people to submit for me, and then redoing the Bylaws for the next years annual meeting. Once I’ve done that I’ll be well on my way to September or October :)

So before I left for Ohio I became worried about Loki because he’s noticeably slowing down in his activities. Which means I’m sure, that his FIV (Feline Immunodificiency Virus) is starting to ‘act up’ and his body is slowing down. I am going to have to take him into the vet and have them draw some blood and do a WBC panel at least to see where his white blood cells are at. I hope they’re above the 2k “bottom” level. I think it might be time to consider Interferon shots for the little guy. Lord knows he’ll love that :P

Anyway yesterday and moreso today he’s very lethargic, which just breaks my heart. I watch him, and he is just super affectionate which for him, is rare, and more importantly he’s not howling around the house announcing his presence to one and all. This while it’s nice for the peace and quiet, breaks my heart because I know it means he’s not feeling well.

He was diagnosed with FIV in April of 2007 and I think because we feed him people shrimp the high protein of his food has kept him active and healthy this long. I’ve come to the realization that I love him so much I’d feed him Sushi Grade Tuna if it would keep him around longer. He’s been the best cat I’ve ever had. A mouser, a birder, he catches geckos even though I’d rather he didn’t and has chased every pidgeon out of our house’s area because they know he’s a killer, 4 soft paws and fangs. He greets us when we come home, he wakes us in the morning (often just too darn early!) and most importantly he loves me, I don’t know why but he does.

I’m already crying because I can’t imagine being without him. If it means anything, to the vet who gave him a vasectomy when we took him to the county services clinic, you have my undying gratitude. He has been the most gentle and loving cat I’ve ever known. He’s never bit us once, never hissed at us or anyone who’s visited, and you can normally count on him to come sniff you out within an hour or so if you hang around that long.

So I will never, ever, let a vet whack off my cats nuts again just because it’s “easier”.

I’m gonna go look up more kitty news and wait till the am to make a vet appointment.