So early in June I decided I was going to attempt to get the sewing machine my mother in law gave me. It’s an Athena 2000, it was made in like the 70′s but this thing still rocks. The problem was that the bobbin winder was broken and no matter how many times D tried to fix it, the shop in Las Vegas couldn’t get it done. Bleah. So she gave it to me and went and bought a new Bernina.
Now me I’m practical. So I take the machine in to Mr. Vac & Sew to have them take a look at it. It’s now June 15th, and I know I’ve got to get it done because I have projects to finish before I head off to Ohio/Illinois for the reunions end of July. So long story short, they take a MONTH to fix it. I got the machine back last friday (17th) and I have been a busy little beaver finishing the table runner, a baby quilt, sewing my labels on those two plus a wine bag, and then working on the canvass bags I made for my Best friends mom and my best friend. Well I finish BFs mom’s bag and am working on Liz’s and POOOFITY the feed stops working. Dead in the water. SON OF A TART. I take it in to the shop again last night they’re like, no way, no how are you getting that machine back by Saturday (they’re closed Sunday) Shit. So Liz if you’re reading this. I’m still figuring it out ;)

Other news I’ve posted the wedding pictures of my Nieces wedding in Texas. I’ve still got roughly a crap load of laundry to do this weekend, pack, and finish burning cd’s and such before getting on the plane on Monday. Wish me luck.