*whistles while she blogs*

So March kinda ended shittily. Darling husband has informed me that he doesn’t like when I talk about him in my blogosphere. That he feels as if it’s telling the world too much. Well I’ll mostly respect his wishes, except where it coincides with my life. then well. :P suck it.

So on that note. E’s dad passed away 3/31/09 so we went up to The Meadows (Las Vegas) and had the funeral and all. It was very moving. There were actually two funerals, a Catholic Mass and a Military funeral. It was my first military funeral. Gun salute, flag presentation, the works. And everyone there is more respectful than I’ve seen at any other funeral I’ve been to. Very cool.

Other news of the Ides of March… we got a hellacious windstorm (like 40-50 mph winds) and I almost lost my precious lemon tree. I ended up having to lop off a good 3′-4′ of height so that it wouldn’t act like a wind sail when the wind whips over the stone wall. Then somehow I managed to pound a metal stake into the ground and get it lashed down on the north side. Which is the side the wind hits first. All of that during the windstorm and I got cut to hell and back. The lemon tree has thorns, some are a good 2-3″ long. I had cuts all over me. Looked like I’d gone to the mattresses with my cat ;)

But some good things did happen in March as well. First of all my lime tree is going to provide fruit this year finally *sings the hallelujah chorus* Dooo dooo dooo WHOOT! Seriously I’m so happy, now I have limes and lemons this year. Also I ripped up some of the crappy vegetation in the backyard, (much to the cat’s chagrin fortress-wise), and planted a bunch more herbs and also green beans, tomatoes, bell peppers (red and yellow), lettuce, and a brand new rosemary bush. Well I had rosemary before but it was a new plant I grew from a seedling, and rosemary is a tough barked slow-growing shrubbery. So everytime I needed some, I felt like I was killing the plant. The new one has **Tons** of harvestable herbage.
The cilantro is going *crazy* it just loves it’s little life now. I’ve also got thyme, chives, tarragon, dill, and actually I’ll have coriander seeds soon too. The ‘cilantro’ plant is really a coriander plant. Cilantro is the leaves from the coriander plant, while the ‘coriander’ itself are little seeds that sprout after the cilantro produces lovely white ‘queen-anne’s lace’ type flowers. So Yarr, two benefits in one. I also planted an avocado seed in the corner of the garden, but it’d be you know like 15 years before avocados would be harvestable but I figure the next owner of the house will get to reap the rewards of my frugality. I would get an orange or grapefruit tree, but I’m kind of out of room. Hee. The last note is that the kalanchoe and the oleanders are blooming beautifully right now. I’ll upload some pictures in a bit.

Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!