You know one of the reasons I live in the god damn desert is because of it’s distinct lack of exposure to the cold/flu virii. Seriously. I mean wtf.
So I get ready to go to the OSU game because well yeah woo hoo! But the day before we had gone to a pep rally hosted by OSU Alumni Association.The hubby, which from now on I’m just going to call him DH (darling hubby) or E, and I got loaded into the car and drove down to Tempe. I believe what finally sealed the deal for him to go with me was the OSU cheerleaders were going to be there, and you know E and cute Ohio girls *smirks*. So we get there late (well duh) and I missed most of the ‘big speakers’ like E. Gordon Gee, Tressel, and Archie Griffin, but really, whoopee. I got to see the band, and the cheerleaders and Brutus! My first in person spotting of the Brutus in many years *sniffs* it was great! (And cheesy!). So I got to sing the big songs and even Carmen Ohio, which of course made me cry like a baby. meh, damn sentimentality. We picked up little signs that said “Go Bucks!” I got a t-shirt for Liz from the OSU Phoenix Alumni Club, and in retrospect should have got one for mom too, but damn $20 for a t-shirt? I am so cheap. I digress….
So we cheer we go home, I start to feel kinda icky. Well hell.I wake up the next morning and yep something isn’t quite right… Like that feeling of impending doom starts to creep in and says you’re going to blow the game you know it right? and I said, fuck that shit cupcake. I am *GOING* to the game.
So we leave about 1:30pm and get down to the stadium relatively easily at 2pm, and thus the fun begins. So I get to park in the handicapped spaces because of my parking pass (you try lugging around this much weight in 120 degree heat in the summer!) and yeah I know it’s not summer, but I ain’t walkin 60 miles either…. So we go to pull into the space and yahoos next to us have a chair in the space, and me being the bitch I am say, “you gonna move the chair?” And they’re like we’re saving the space for our friend. To which yes smurfs I have read the rules of the stadium and it says quite clearly, NO SPACE SAVING! Quixote ahead!…They continue to babble on, I turn to Erik and say, Please move the chair. He looks at me like are you sure? sees the look and says, Okee dokee. Hops out and moves the chair to the sidewalk in front of the space. To which they go nuts and I hear “You don’t look that handicapped, you coulda walked another 10 feet(it was farther than that to the next space)” to which I retort back, You don’t look all that handicapped either princess. (A normal looking 40ish woman in a chair with a beer) to which I swear I saw her recoil and almost fall out of the chair. I parked. I get out of the car. By now, see nothing I do goes unnoticed. A police officer has pulled up on a golf cart. He says, you okay? I say I am fine officer but let me ask a question, is it legal to save spots in the parking lot? He says, “technically no, but I’m not able to enforce the rule either way.” So I say oh so I can park here no problem, RIGHT? and he says sure, I say of course Have a great day and thanks! giving a little wave and smile. And turn around to walk by the assholes next to me with a big ass grin on my face.Now they’re all jabbering on and I”m not caring about most of it, till I hear the pasty white 60 year old snark off, “Nice parking job!” And I KNOW darling husband has just snapped because I heard the ping of the grenade pin in my head. So I turn and he is in the car like a viper, backing out of the space and reparking it PERFECTLY in our space but ABSOLUTELY as close as he can get to their vehicle as possible. Almost driving over their drink coolers in the process. He hops out and slams the door and says, How about that? Is that to your satisfaction. And I swear as I glared over at them I saw them all dribble a little in their shorts.
Sometimes I love him more than I ever thought possible. :D
I gave him a big kiss and we walked off in search of the Disabled shuttle to the “College Footballs Biggest Party!” We got our ride to the party and ended up cruising past the car on the way there. I didn’t even look over. I know E did, I wonder what the look on their faces was. heee
At any rate the OSU band was playing when we got to the party which was cool, and so we walked around a little bit then headed over and picked up our box lunches and sat with a nice couple from Cleveland and jabbered a bit. I still think that Buckeye fans are the nicest bunch of people in the world as long as yer not from Michigan or the opposing teams fanbase. Hee hee. Lunch was a sad little hotdog, a scoop of potato salad and some of Tostitos new Jalapeno Scoops, with a little bit of bean & cheese dip. I have to say, the chips aren’t bad, nothing to go screaming to the store for on the other hand. I would classify them as “MILD” but then I eat habaneros for fun so judge for yourself. :)
We got another dog, E ate the potato salad, and I helped eat his chips :D Then we headed off to get the shuttle back to the stadium. Which by now it was 5ish pm. And originally I thought the game started at 6, but turns out it was like 6:30 or something. Anyway I wanted to get to the seats early in case I had to tell them we needed different seats because my fat ass wouldn’t fit in them :D

So Phoenix Stadium (Yeah University of Phoenix Stadium, not that anyone from that class D online school needs a stadium), is kind of weird. You enter at the top of the section 100 seats. I swear I had a Michigan Stadium toilet bowl moment when I knew I had to walk down all those steps to my seat. I remembered it was hard to dodge the beer cans flying at my head and was grateful to find out that the stadium only has those plastic beer bottles and plastic cups. Hallelujah no dents in my scalp! So I start going down the steps and they’re those little half steps which are nice to go up and down but I had a vertigo moment or two and had to grip the rail, dunno why.Got to the seat and HOLEE SHIT it’s awesome! It’s been a while since I’d been to a game. And I’d never been to this stadium, but yeah, it’s massive. Accoustics SUCK Wolverine ass! I mean if you put your fingers in your ears, you could hear the loudspeaker perfectly. What the fuck.
But the view. The VIEW I tell you was G dog damn impressive. For $0 tickets, they were the sha-hiiizzz-nit Baybee! We sat next to a very nice grandpa and his grandson (grandson about 22) They were Texas fans, but very nice. Then we had the beer drinking high 5′ing chest bumping two buckeye fans on my right. LOL. Texas in front of us, and I’ll be damned if it wasn’t Rory Nicol (#88′s) cousins sitting behind us. So all in all, a good game crowd. Beers believe it or not were $8, Hot Dogs $5.50, Burgers $6.50, no idea on chips or churros or whatever else they sold, but holy shit. OH and they had both beers Bud and Bud Light. Holy fuck, can you please serve a non-piss flavored beer? But I guess that’s what University of Phoenix students like. :P
So we watched the game, I started to feel queasy after about halfway through the first quarter. And no, it wasn’t the game. I was hot as hell, but E said I felt like clammy ice. Yay! Officially Sick! I did my best not to hurl, when the hotdogs looked really good I should have realized what was going on. I dunno if when I’m sick I crave hotdogs, or it takes me eating a hotdog to realize I’m sick. But it’s usually teh case, if I’m sick, like reaaaaly sick. I’m usually snarfing down hot dogs. Weird I know.So half-time comes. Erik says you going anywhere, I say fuck no, I want to actually see the band for a change. They do cool stuff, like you know Script Ohio. Oh hell yeah, actually they did that before the game, but still. More cool music. Oh yeah like the 1812 overture with cherry bombs going off in the endzones. Now that is a damn band :D TBDBITL! Holy crap loud.
Texas’s band came on and we mocked their out of step, body jiggly style. I mean okay you have a baton twirler but she’s not even in front of the band, she’s just wandering around the field like she’s drunk. And then she lit flaming batons and I swear it was like a circus side show. Oh and she was rude. Dude, really twirling her baton on the sideline when OSU’s band was playing. Really? Rude much? And then there was the single Male Flag Corp twirler we saw. I mean. really. In texas. Male. Flag Corps. Flaming much? Dude, I couldn’t believe it, and on top of that. Jazz Flag Corps, In little black tights and that shit brown/orange that texas wears. and they had the junior jazz band size triangle flags. Really. Your marching band needs jazz dancers? I guess the song was true… In Texas Steers, Beers, and Queers, Oh my….And btw, I am glad our mascot isn’t a giant stinking pile of cow shit. Bevo… mmm tastes like dinner.
So 2nd half came, and went, and we almost won, and it was a hell of a game. :) I still am very happy I went. I am very sad we lost. But hey, shit happens. When Laurinaitis walked by we all gave him a standing ovation. I’m gonna miss that boy… *sniffs* So we headed out of the stadium, got to the car and you remember the assholes that parked next to us? GONE. I guess, they were a little scared. ;D Poor babies. We checked our car, it was fine. E had written down their license plate and they saw him do that. :D A nice lady flagged us down when we backed out and we gave her a jumpstart to her car. She said “Figures it’d be a buckeye fan to stop for us.” I was like yeah we are a nice bunch of people. :) So we took over an hour to get out of the lot, then we got home about 11pm. Which was a pretty good day. :)

Needless to say the next day I felt like I had gone 3 rounds with Chuck Liddel so I sat quietly and drank my water. By Thursday I felt fine, little did I know what was percolating in my lungs…Friday I woke up with the begining dry hack. hack. Hack. Hack.HACK. Oh fuck.Yes you guessed it Acute Bronchitis. Wheeee so for the 9th-14th I spent everyday with a fever of 101 and sucking down the NyQuil and very little else. Finally fever broke Thursday the 15th, I drove to teh grocery store, because sadly little E is now a carrier of the Bronchitis. Poor baby. I feel so bad he got it. I know from me. :( If I knew who coughed on me to give it to me I’d kick their ass.
So here I am, alive, and still hocking loogies at the moment, but at least not feeling like death warmed up in the microwave. :) Oh and I’ve dropped 48 lbs Since November. :) 16 of them the last week. Whee. I should write a new book called the Bronchitis diet. ;D
All things considered, not a bad start to the year ;)