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So Erik and I went off on excursion in early August. We flew up to Seattle on Alaska Airlines (Thanks Sis!) for nearly free due to Karen’s Flight Attendant passes and then took the Amtrak down to Portland, where we rented a car and attended the Buffum Family Associations 2010 reunion in McMinnville, OR. Along with the reunion we toured the Oregon coast and went winery hopping. Then took the train back up to Seattle where we spent several days visiting the Boeing Museum of Flight, The Space Needle, Chateau Ste. Michelle winery, and spending time with Karen when she got back in town from her duty shift. Which luckily, ended the day before we were set to return home to Phoenix. We had a great time relaxing and being cool in the 80′°F range instead of the awful 118F we left at home (and sadly returned to.)
Here are some of the pictures I took while on the trip.

Tacoma Narrows Bridge as viewed from the Amtrak Train

Near Siletz Bay, Oregon

Sand Lake inlet, Clay Myers State Park inside Siuslaw National Forest

At the Gammon Launch Hang-gliding debarkation point, OR coastline

Olives growing at Red Ridge Farms

Herbs at Red Ridge Farms

Vineyards near Red Ridge Farms

Anna Jean Buffum Ryan and Cynthia Kraft wine-tasting in OR
Thanks for driving us around Erik! :)

Coelho Winery Tour, Amity Oregon

Cynthia at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum

If I could just get the hanger doors open and some jetav….

Erik and his Mig. Note the tail section of the Spruce Goose above him

Boeing 787 on test flight take-off over Boeing field, Seattle, WA

View of original Air Force One plane as taken while I stood under the Concorde

If only it was real…

Cynthia at the Space Needle

Sitting inside the Space Needle eating lunch and looking West over Puget Sound

Seattle from the Space Needle, Sky City Cafe

Sea-side condos that overlook Vashon Island. Located southwest of Burien, WA

So I’ve dallied long enough without posting this….
The week before Christmas we ventured up to Las Vegas to spend time with Erik’s mom and sister Annette. Originally the entire sibling gaggle was supposed to all go this year, well Karl and Karen bailed, citing differing problems. Whatever. We went, we paid homage, we ate well.

So the 23rd of December we attended the 7pm show of The Phantom of The Opera at The Venetian. The hotel was okay, we didn’t see much of it except the atrociously designed parking garage, the long walk into the hotel through a maze of cement walled corridors, and finally a small part of the shops near the theatre. Normally you have to walk through the casino to get to the showroom. Not here, which was great, but definitely not standard Vegas.
So the show was simply, Awe-inspiring. Outstanding. Amazing. Fantastic. Quite possibly the best show I’ve seen in Las Vegas. No naked men, no Elvis impersonations, no Vegas references. Just Perfection. I mean how can you argue with a production that the chandelier assembles itself in the opening act and then dangles about over your head to it’s final resting place lit in the center of the cavernous theatre. Where dry ice fog rolls off the stage as a ‘gondola’ with the Phantom and Angelique ride through the sewers amid candelabras that rise through the fog from the stage. Hydraulic suspended bridges that allow the illusion of descending into the sewers and provide a ledge that Raoul jumps from and descends *through* the stage into the ‘fog’. I mean holy crap. Not to mention pyrotechnics, impeccable sound, lighting, and oh… the singing. Watching the cast bring to life all of the songs I had memorized years ago from my PotO CD when it debuted on Broadway was just fantastic.
We ate in the cafe I had the Indochine Shrimp which the menu describes as “A Fusion Dish of Chinese and Indian Flavors. Jumbo Shrimp, Chicken, Onions and Sweet Ginger all Sauteed in a Delicious Spicy Sauce of Curry, Plum Wine and a Little Cream Topped with Sun-Dried Cherries and Apricots. Served with White Rice. I’d call it delicious. I also had the Spicy Calamari salad, which they listed under small, it wasn’t. “Crispy Calamari, Mixed Greens, Carrots, Cucumber and Green Onions Tossed with a Delicious Spicy Vinaigrette” came in a 12″ diameter bowl piled into a delicious looking pyramid. Of course I couldn’t finish it all and took it home to eat the rest for breakfast ;)
Christmas Eve (24th) we spent time with his mom & sister then Erik, DeeAnn, and I went to Lawry’s Prime Rib as his mothers choice of places to eat for the trip. Wow, all I have to say is, in a town where you can get $4.99 prime rib I have no idea how this place stays in business. Packed to the rafters. They had strolling carolers singing Christmas songs to each table. The mixed drinks were $12.50 if you ordered top shelf, $8.50 well. Prime rib dinner was $35 of course that didn’t include vegetables which were $8 extra. Salad, potatoes, prime rib, and the loosest interpretation of yorkshire pudding I’ve ever seen. Tasty though. Dessert I had a 3 layer strawberry triffle with cream. DeeAnn had cheesecake. By this time Erik was feeling sick, not good. Of course the food was very rich, and the room was excruciatingly warm. Not a pleasant time. Oh well.
Christmas we ate at the buffet at our hotel all 4 of us got what we wanted. They had all the trimmings, turkey, ham, lamb, chinese, mexican. You name it. :)

However the day after Christmas was the grand finale. Starving myself all day, we were picked up by limo and taken to the MGM Grand hotel, The Mansion. Which I have to point out, I didn’t even know existed till that night. It is BEAUTIFUL. It’s a small enclave in the center of the MGM that wraps around it on all sides. Private gated entrance, marble and more marble. We were met by a hostess who escorted us through the catacomb like maze of corridors out into a 5 story atrium around a fountain back into more corridors to finally come out of a black wrought iron gate into the hotel around the corner from Joël Robuchon. I have to tell you being escorted to dinner was pretty cool, but if I thought that was amazing walking into the restaurant was superb. A 12 table restaurant. Purple velvet couches. Silver and black and lavender decor everywhere just opulent to the nth degree. We were escorted to the end table at the front of the restaurant. I sat on the couch and place my purse on it’s purse stool, I love it. I have pillows to lounge on Roman Style. Just amazing. Of course we have 12 waiters and they’re all everywhere at once.
The food, the patisserie cart with 5 kinds of brioche alone! Not to mention baguettes, rustic loaves, and the most amazing wheat sheaf inspired creation. Bread, wrapped around a piece of bacon. And it all joined to look like a treasure, but tasted doubly so. Oh the fresh salted butter. Dear god. We drank 2 bottles of wine of Pacherenc du Vic just divine. Perfectly how I like it, sweet, a little sparkling, fruit flavors and I swear I could taste apricots.
I ordered the 16 course tasting menu (I’ve included the scan of the menu below) and Erik ordered from the Menu Prestige choosing the La Chataigne chestnut cream velouté with lardons foam (that’s bacon foam people…merde), Beef cheeks which were so incredibly tender it was like eating beef mousse, the of course undeniably butter enrobed specialty of Pommes puree. Pow. Kiss your arteries goodbye.
So the starter was an unbelievably fresh tasting caviar, I believe Osetra, which danced like pearls of fish inflected love as they popped delicately on my tongue. Mixed with the fennel cream in a mille feuille stacked style inside a small round tin. Just an amazing amuse bouche.
Then the food started and I had already blissed out with the caviar. But of course next up was Pommes with black truffles and the *thinnest* shavings of foie gras as a carpaccio. So. Fricking. Umami. Divine. I mean the truffles alone could have made me cry, but with the velvet of the foie gras and the jolt of the potato, zam. Mouthgasam. And this was the first course? Merde.
The next course the cepes were lovely, and I think I lost my mind about this point. Erik would talk to me but I’d be tasting the million intricacies of the food, mashing it slowly against the roof of my mouth, the food too precious to actually chew and then I’d realize he was trying to talk to me and I’d feel bad because I just wanted to savor the moment of epicurean bliss. I mean. Yeah.
The seared scallops blew me away. It was like eating classic Thai green curry shrimp but with the most juicy and perfectly cooked diver scallop.
I had never had sea urchin until now. It is so smooth and divine it is a complete juxtaposition with it’s hard spiky exterior. The roe was left on top and it spoke faintly and deliciously of the sea. The langoustine was delicious but a complete disaster to eat. Enrobed in a delicate noodle-esque basket made of choux flour one bite sent an explosion of choux crumbs *everywhere*. And it was too big to eat in one bite thus avoiding the crumbling. Messy. The lobster with green curry sauce made up for the mess however.
My frog legs experience previously consisted of batter and a lot of hot oil. But this, this was la grenouille magnifique. Deliciously braised (fricassee’d) frog legs atop a flavorful rice garnished with none other than THE most sought after truffle, the tartuffi di Alba or white truffle.
Now I am still torn from the chestnut velouté. On the one hand it was divine. How can you not love all that cream and butter with the flavor of roasted chestnuts. I mean really. But as if your carotid was not blocked enough by this point, to top it off with an amazing and unbelievable amount of lardon foam. Just. Overkill. I mean I love bacon. Bacon, bacon, bacon. Everything is better with bacon. But that soup was already fantastically rich and the foam just became enrobing. Cloying. I felt like it was coating everything in my mouth and throat with bacon. It was all encompassing. The thing is, it was just so damn good it was too much I think.
The sea-bass was a good palate cleanser from all that richness. Simple. Delicious.
Followed with the king of unctuosity a beautifully sauteed veal chop so tender and flavorful I would have sworn it was from a full grown steer. The herb gelee brought out the flavor of the veal so much you could imagine the calf eating the grass.
Risotto inégalé. Perfectly creamy with the ‘pop’ of the soybean sprouts with a fantastic green flavor. Again clearing away the bacon foam.
The fruit sorbet was delicious and fresh and so sweet. I can’t even remember what flavors came out it was just. Delicious.
But I have to say the final straw, the deal topper of the meal was indeed the poached Fuji apple confit with Calvados granite and the most rich sweet cream. Served in this half moon globe resting in it’s little habitat it was just beautiful. The apple so sweet, so bright, so tender. The granite wow. Double apple flavor all alone. Eaten with the fuji it was apple power. Tempered with the soft sweet cream made it seem to float. A miniature apple charlotte without the crust.

Of course the patisserie for Joël I’ve already decided by this point never sleeps. I mean the bread cart alone would take you 8 hours to make everything. Then the finale of the meal is a cart of confections labeled ‘escortés de mignardises’ or escorted preciousnesses. I mean they were. It’s the perfect description. Plate upon plate upon item upon item of chocolates, truffles, caramels, fruits enrobed with confections. How does one decide when presented with such a melange. And I do use melange as the unparalleled life changing drug in Dune the series by Frank Herbert. The Spice Must Flow. Seriously the chocolates flowed from the cart, the flavors like mini punches of intensity swaddled with care into my mouth. The winner? A tie between the yuzu ‘Liqueur Praliné’ or liquid center chocolate and the hand made salted caramels. The yuzu was extraordinary, but I have a thing for caramel.

Needless to say topped off with a fantastic espresso and a ‘goody’ bag of the menu of my meal and a box of the chocolates. I couldn’t have imagined a meal this good. I thank you Mr. Robuchon for having the gastronomic fortitude to craft such a meal. Bravo.

Escorted back through the hotel, and into the limo to take the ride back to the hotel I could not have asked for a better night, that my husband Erik got to share it with me was all the better. Thank you darling. Jé T’aime.


So I have great news to report. Loki got his Western Blot test results back and the little bugger is actually NOT FIV positive. Meaning whoever did that test 2 years ago I want to shoot.
On the other hand his little sutures came out today but he was still draining the wound so they put a staple in the one area where he popped the stitch out last week. Bad kitty!
I also have to wash his wound area with an anti-bacterial wash daily till he heads back in to get the staple out in a week or so. Total cost so far for this incident is about $1000. ^(&%# furry fuzzball. It’s a good thing I DO love him.

In other news for the BFA the fall deadline for the Bulletin arrives October 1st so I’ll be putting that together to go to press in the next couple of weeks. I am still awaiting the 5 articles I was promised, so we’ll see how that goes ;)

The Buckeyes actually won again today in the 2nd straight shutout. I am simply amazed. Either that loss to USC kicked them in the ass and woke them up or they really are getting their crap together or Illinois was a shittier team than us. All are possibly true. But I have a few rants about their playing.
Special Teams Fumbles. – HOLY CRAP you play maybe 10 times the whole game, on a BUSY game, do you think you sad little idiots could actually HOLD ONTO the ball when you receive it? Or if you can’t, let the son of a bitch bounce and we’ll take it where it lands. Either way, do your job or get out of the way. I can surely tell you Michigan will not be as kind to us as Illinois was today and they will certainly rip the ball away and take it to the end zone given a modicum of a chance.
Late Game Schedules – This is actually a left over rant from USC. Can you please, for the love of god, stop selling the souls of our children for a few more $$$ from the TV networks to put us on at the late game. We don’t do well ever. I would like to say it isn’t so, but that’s the sad truth. Our boys wake up at the crack of dawn, put on their gear and are ready to go by noon. And then they’re forced to SIT and WAIT and wear down their adrenaline and energy all day till we get some crappy start time of 5pm or later. I mean the USC game, 8pm, REAALLY? Are you serious? WHY? So those lazy LA people could turn on the TV and watch the game on THEIR TIME? I mean I’m in Phoenix and *I* get up at the butt crack of dawn to watch games even when they’re on at 9am here. It’s what you do for the love of the game. Sure we might have been the ‘big’ game of the week, but so what, watch the game at noon or 3pm like it’s supposed to be. I hope at some point the AD or Tressel will say, HEY enough is enough. Let our boys play when they’re ready to play. Someday I might have to spend a month comparing the W-L record of our games by start time. But I don’t have the patience much for that, but in my memory we don’t win games that start as the sun is setting.

I hope that we continue to win. I look forward to once again watch our Buckeyes smack the tar out of those smelly beasties up North. Keep up the good work!

No seriously. Okay so the foot. Is better? I dunno, maybe. I can’t stand that damn bootie. It’s HOT, and if your foot sweats, it SLIPS and if you get it TOO tight (so that it doesn’t slip) your foot SCREAMS in pain. Feck that. So I’m down to the ace bandage with a sock over it. I know I know. WTH why not listen to the doctors right? Okay but like I walked on it broken for 3 months, trust me, it doesn’t hurt now. It only aches a little after a long day of walking around or standing, duh.
If it’s not wrapped up, I’m wearing my Birkies. Yes, Birkenstocks. Yes I’ve officially gone hippy. But Republican gun toting, pro-choice, meat-eating hippy. We are the official step children no one talks about. ;) But back to teh Birkies. holy shit are they comfy. Now I know why the hippies wear them.

Other accomplishments. lets see… I completed a CD burn and handout compilation for the Buffum Family Association Genealogy CD. Sent it to the genealogists for our ‘creche’ got the errors tweaked and BAMMY baby it’s ready to go for everyone else. I have to do a re-burn of the cd’s to fix the errors but not the handouts ;) I also finished scanning the docs I picked up from Mother in Law for Eriks genealogy database I need to start working on. Both father and mothers family (as far as they know).

I finished a baby quilt, a wine bag/tote, and the table runner for the ‘give aways’ for the BFA reunion this year. Well the table runner still needs quilt stitched, but my machine is in the shop, maaaan. ;) Well 1 of 3 machines. So when it gets out of purgatory I’ll finish it up and be ready to go.

I also got us sorted to go to Texas for the wedding in a couple weeks. Good lord, wedding season in texas, the friggin Hampton Inn will be 140/night, 160 on the weekend. That’s a jack my friends. *rubs her ass*

I got the hair cut and dyed, and my eyebrows and lip plucked so I am damn smexy in case someone wants a photograph. What else… hmm.

Basically I have been obsessed withUrbanspoon lately. I have been rating the restaurants I like and want to visit and uploading copies of menus and photographs. All of this of course gets updated to My Profile. I have quite a few on my list for my trip to Ohio I want to clear including Michael Symon’s “Lola” in Cleveland which I have reservations for for my Best Friend Liz and I. I love eating (duh) and I love cooking, so why not go into total obsession and just blog about food and do reviews all the time. It’s pretty awesome. I don’t rave about food as much as I could, I try and keep it short. But man I could go crazy. There is also an Application you can download for your iPhone which allows you to “shake” for a restaurant when you can’t figure out where the hell you want to eat or what even you want! You can just let it fly, or narrow down your choices with price or location or style of food. Too awesome.

Well I’ve rambled on enough I think. :) Still picking tomatoes out of my garden, the lettuce is on hiatus till it cools off and isn’t bitter anymore, the beans have all but died, and of course I have 3 red bell peppers now growing away on my plant. Joy. Not to mention all the herbs. Lemons are doing well, Limes doing well. And I saved a baby birdy last week from certain doom. So life is good. :)

Baby birdy

Baby birdy

You know one of the reasons I live in the god damn desert is because of it’s distinct lack of exposure to the cold/flu virii. Seriously. I mean wtf.
So I get ready to go to the OSU game because well yeah woo hoo! But the day before we had gone to a pep rally hosted by OSU Alumni Association.The hubby, which from now on I’m just going to call him DH (darling hubby) or E, and I got loaded into the car and drove down to Tempe. I believe what finally sealed the deal for him to go with me was the OSU cheerleaders were going to be there, and you know E and cute Ohio girls *smirks*. So we get there late (well duh) and I missed most of the ‘big speakers’ like E. Gordon Gee, Tressel, and Archie Griffin, but really, whoopee. I got to see the band, and the cheerleaders and Brutus! My first in person spotting of the Brutus in many years *sniffs* it was great! (And cheesy!). So I got to sing the big songs and even Carmen Ohio, which of course made me cry like a baby. meh, damn sentimentality. We picked up little signs that said “Go Bucks!” I got a t-shirt for Liz from the OSU Phoenix Alumni Club, and in retrospect should have got one for mom too, but damn $20 for a t-shirt? I am so cheap. I digress….
So we cheer we go home, I start to feel kinda icky. Well hell.I wake up the next morning and yep something isn’t quite right… Like that feeling of impending doom starts to creep in and says you’re going to blow the game you know it right? and I said, fuck that shit cupcake. I am *GOING* to the game.
So we leave about 1:30pm and get down to the stadium relatively easily at 2pm, and thus the fun begins. So I get to park in the handicapped spaces because of my parking pass (you try lugging around this much weight in 120 degree heat in the summer!) and yeah I know it’s not summer, but I ain’t walkin 60 miles either…. So we go to pull into the space and yahoos next to us have a chair in the space, and me being the bitch I am say, “you gonna move the chair?” And they’re like we’re saving the space for our friend. To which yes smurfs I have read the rules of the stadium and it says quite clearly, NO SPACE SAVING! Quixote ahead!…They continue to babble on, I turn to Erik and say, Please move the chair. He looks at me like are you sure? sees the look and says, Okee dokee. Hops out and moves the chair to the sidewalk in front of the space. To which they go nuts and I hear “You don’t look that handicapped, you coulda walked another 10 feet(it was farther than that to the next space)” to which I retort back, You don’t look all that handicapped either princess. (A normal looking 40ish woman in a chair with a beer) to which I swear I saw her recoil and almost fall out of the chair. I parked. I get out of the car. By now, see nothing I do goes unnoticed. A police officer has pulled up on a golf cart. He says, you okay? I say I am fine officer but let me ask a question, is it legal to save spots in the parking lot? He says, “technically no, but I’m not able to enforce the rule either way.” So I say oh so I can park here no problem, RIGHT? and he says sure, I say of course Have a great day and thanks! giving a little wave and smile. And turn around to walk by the assholes next to me with a big ass grin on my face.Now they’re all jabbering on and I”m not caring about most of it, till I hear the pasty white 60 year old snark off, “Nice parking job!” And I KNOW darling husband has just snapped because I heard the ping of the grenade pin in my head. So I turn and he is in the car like a viper, backing out of the space and reparking it PERFECTLY in our space but ABSOLUTELY as close as he can get to their vehicle as possible. Almost driving over their drink coolers in the process. He hops out and slams the door and says, How about that? Is that to your satisfaction. And I swear as I glared over at them I saw them all dribble a little in their shorts.
Sometimes I love him more than I ever thought possible. :D
I gave him a big kiss and we walked off in search of the Disabled shuttle to the “College Footballs Biggest Party!” We got our ride to the party and ended up cruising past the car on the way there. I didn’t even look over. I know E did, I wonder what the look on their faces was. heee
At any rate the OSU band was playing when we got to the party which was cool, and so we walked around a little bit then headed over and picked up our box lunches and sat with a nice couple from Cleveland and jabbered a bit. I still think that Buckeye fans are the nicest bunch of people in the world as long as yer not from Michigan or the opposing teams fanbase. Hee hee. Lunch was a sad little hotdog, a scoop of potato salad and some of Tostitos new Jalapeno Scoops, with a little bit of bean & cheese dip. I have to say, the chips aren’t bad, nothing to go screaming to the store for on the other hand. I would classify them as “MILD” but then I eat habaneros for fun so judge for yourself. :)
We got another dog, E ate the potato salad, and I helped eat his chips :D Then we headed off to get the shuttle back to the stadium. Which by now it was 5ish pm. And originally I thought the game started at 6, but turns out it was like 6:30 or something. Anyway I wanted to get to the seats early in case I had to tell them we needed different seats because my fat ass wouldn’t fit in them :D

So Phoenix Stadium (Yeah University of Phoenix Stadium, not that anyone from that class D online school needs a stadium), is kind of weird. You enter at the top of the section 100 seats. I swear I had a Michigan Stadium toilet bowl moment when I knew I had to walk down all those steps to my seat. I remembered it was hard to dodge the beer cans flying at my head and was grateful to find out that the stadium only has those plastic beer bottles and plastic cups. Hallelujah no dents in my scalp! So I start going down the steps and they’re those little half steps which are nice to go up and down but I had a vertigo moment or two and had to grip the rail, dunno why.Got to the seat and HOLEE SHIT it’s awesome! It’s been a while since I’d been to a game. And I’d never been to this stadium, but yeah, it’s massive. Accoustics SUCK Wolverine ass! I mean if you put your fingers in your ears, you could hear the loudspeaker perfectly. What the fuck.
But the view. The VIEW I tell you was G dog damn impressive. For $0 tickets, they were the sha-hiiizzz-nit Baybee! We sat next to a very nice grandpa and his grandson (grandson about 22) They were Texas fans, but very nice. Then we had the beer drinking high 5′ing chest bumping two buckeye fans on my right. LOL. Texas in front of us, and I’ll be damned if it wasn’t Rory Nicol (#88′s) cousins sitting behind us. So all in all, a good game crowd. Beers believe it or not were $8, Hot Dogs $5.50, Burgers $6.50, no idea on chips or churros or whatever else they sold, but holy shit. OH and they had both beers Bud and Bud Light. Holy fuck, can you please serve a non-piss flavored beer? But I guess that’s what University of Phoenix students like. :P
So we watched the game, I started to feel queasy after about halfway through the first quarter. And no, it wasn’t the game. I was hot as hell, but E said I felt like clammy ice. Yay! Officially Sick! I did my best not to hurl, when the hotdogs looked really good I should have realized what was going on. I dunno if when I’m sick I crave hotdogs, or it takes me eating a hotdog to realize I’m sick. But it’s usually teh case, if I’m sick, like reaaaaly sick. I’m usually snarfing down hot dogs. Weird I know.So half-time comes. Erik says you going anywhere, I say fuck no, I want to actually see the band for a change. They do cool stuff, like you know Script Ohio. Oh hell yeah, actually they did that before the game, but still. More cool music. Oh yeah like the 1812 overture with cherry bombs going off in the endzones. Now that is a damn band :D TBDBITL! Holy crap loud.
Texas’s band came on and we mocked their out of step, body jiggly style. I mean okay you have a baton twirler but she’s not even in front of the band, she’s just wandering around the field like she’s drunk. And then she lit flaming batons and I swear it was like a circus side show. Oh and she was rude. Dude, really twirling her baton on the sideline when OSU’s band was playing. Really? Rude much? And then there was the single Male Flag Corp twirler we saw. I mean. really. In texas. Male. Flag Corps. Flaming much? Dude, I couldn’t believe it, and on top of that. Jazz Flag Corps, In little black tights and that shit brown/orange that texas wears. and they had the junior jazz band size triangle flags. Really. Your marching band needs jazz dancers? I guess the song was true… In Texas Steers, Beers, and Queers, Oh my….And btw, I am glad our mascot isn’t a giant stinking pile of cow shit. Bevo… mmm tastes like dinner.
So 2nd half came, and went, and we almost won, and it was a hell of a game. :) I still am very happy I went. I am very sad we lost. But hey, shit happens. When Laurinaitis walked by we all gave him a standing ovation. I’m gonna miss that boy… *sniffs* So we headed out of the stadium, got to the car and you remember the assholes that parked next to us? GONE. I guess, they were a little scared. ;D Poor babies. We checked our car, it was fine. E had written down their license plate and they saw him do that. :D A nice lady flagged us down when we backed out and we gave her a jumpstart to her car. She said “Figures it’d be a buckeye fan to stop for us.” I was like yeah we are a nice bunch of people. :) So we took over an hour to get out of the lot, then we got home about 11pm. Which was a pretty good day. :)

Needless to say the next day I felt like I had gone 3 rounds with Chuck Liddel so I sat quietly and drank my water. By Thursday I felt fine, little did I know what was percolating in my lungs…Friday I woke up with the begining dry hack. hack. Hack. Hack.HACK. Oh fuck.Yes you guessed it Acute Bronchitis. Wheeee so for the 9th-14th I spent everyday with a fever of 101 and sucking down the NyQuil and very little else. Finally fever broke Thursday the 15th, I drove to teh grocery store, because sadly little E is now a carrier of the Bronchitis. Poor baby. I feel so bad he got it. I know from me. :( If I knew who coughed on me to give it to me I’d kick their ass.
So here I am, alive, and still hocking loogies at the moment, but at least not feeling like death warmed up in the microwave. :) Oh and I’ve dropped 48 lbs Since November. :) 16 of them the last week. Whee. I should write a new book called the Bronchitis diet. ;D
All things considered, not a bad start to the year ;)