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Jiggity Jig.

Now that I have been home a week and a half the life is starting to spring back to normal. I finally got caught up with all 3500+ emails, and yet some are left to do more work on. Yow.
I haven’t yet begun to compile the family bulletin (due out early June) or updated the website in forever. Especially to notate that we have lost a valued member of our organization. Gene Buffum passed away early March. He was the previous Genealogist and the person who got me hooked on ‘Buffum’ as it were. Even though I grew up Buffum, it was nice finding out what a diverse group we actually are. He will be greatly missed by many, but especially me.

Much is going on in Fauxenix but most important is the beginning of our mass exodus to the promised land. YES dear reader I have been greenlit to begin the westward trek to the land of sun and pineapple. Hawai’i! No we don’t know what island yet, who cares! Time to sell the house, inoculate the cat, and ship the house. Tally-HO! I am excited. Delirious actually. Lists have begun. YARR!

On another note! It has been officially one year since I have begun food blogging in earnest (mostly on and here are my stats.

Joined in May ’09
How am I doing?
124 Reviews
137 Like It Votes
41 Don’t Like It Votes
22 Friends
64 Kudos
30 New restaurants
92 Photos

What am I eating?
American 15%
Pizza 7%
Sandwiches/Subs 6%
Mexican 5%
Japanese 5%
Other 62%

Where am I eating?
Northeast Phoenix 43%
Deer Valley 23%
Scottsdale 13%
Cave Creek 6%
Gilbert 1%
Other 14%

Which cities?
Austin 3
Cleveland 1
Columbus 33
Edinburgh 1
Hawaii 3
Las Vegas 7
London 1
Ohio 1
Phoenix 119
Springfield 10
Texas 2

I am on the top contributors lists in Phoenix, AZ: Columbus, OH: Springfield, IL. Freaky ;)

Of other note my niece Katie turned 14 and was accepted to her target school that she applied to, and will be attending in the fall. Kick some ass kiddo, I couldn’t be any prouder of you than I am already at the person you’ve become.

On the other front, my TX niece and nephews all have managed to contract Whooping Cough. Yes that’s right you heard me. Jeebus. And of course poor Karl has it also. Un-be-freaking-levable. Get well soon.

Loki-chan is doing well and has put on 1lb 7oz since he was last in the vet. Although his titer has come back at the same viral levels of Coccidioidomycosis as the last check up 3 months ago, he seems to be combatting it better, and the osteomyelitis in his right forearm has repaired itself to a great extent and only has slight edema from the remaining shock to his system. While we are continuing to dose him BID/PO 50mg Fluconazole I think I am going to look into further treatment with a secondary azole cocktail because I’d rather he be spore free than be on maintenance medication.

Weather has been glorious. Hope you all are having a great Spring!

So everyone is all worked up about the killer whale killing the trainer at Sea World. Okay, it sucks. Tragedy? Not really. No one is mentioning the obvious part. Here is a photo of the trainer and the whale, on the left.

Now here is a photo of their primary food source.

Coincidence? I think not. IT’s an animal people. Sure it’s a mammal, and everyone knows the killer whale is pretty smart. But if you had to do the same tricks everyday for something that looks like what you used to eat for dinner…. Think about it.

Oh and you say, well what’s with him pulling her by her blonde hair. I give you evidence B.

I rest my case. We should all be saying, poor whales, let them swim in the ocean and eat penguins. Of course I love penguins and this saddens me, but it’s the way of Darwin. Luckily they also eat seals. :)

So I have great news to report. Loki got his Western Blot test results back and the little bugger is actually NOT FIV positive. Meaning whoever did that test 2 years ago I want to shoot.
On the other hand his little sutures came out today but he was still draining the wound so they put a staple in the one area where he popped the stitch out last week. Bad kitty!
I also have to wash his wound area with an anti-bacterial wash daily till he heads back in to get the staple out in a week or so. Total cost so far for this incident is about $1000. ^(&%# furry fuzzball. It’s a good thing I DO love him.

In other news for the BFA the fall deadline for the Bulletin arrives October 1st so I’ll be putting that together to go to press in the next couple of weeks. I am still awaiting the 5 articles I was promised, so we’ll see how that goes ;)

The Buckeyes actually won again today in the 2nd straight shutout. I am simply amazed. Either that loss to USC kicked them in the ass and woke them up or they really are getting their crap together or Illinois was a shittier team than us. All are possibly true. But I have a few rants about their playing.
Special Teams Fumbles. – HOLY CRAP you play maybe 10 times the whole game, on a BUSY game, do you think you sad little idiots could actually HOLD ONTO the ball when you receive it? Or if you can’t, let the son of a bitch bounce and we’ll take it where it lands. Either way, do your job or get out of the way. I can surely tell you Michigan will not be as kind to us as Illinois was today and they will certainly rip the ball away and take it to the end zone given a modicum of a chance.
Late Game Schedules – This is actually a left over rant from USC. Can you please, for the love of god, stop selling the souls of our children for a few more $$$ from the TV networks to put us on at the late game. We don’t do well ever. I would like to say it isn’t so, but that’s the sad truth. Our boys wake up at the crack of dawn, put on their gear and are ready to go by noon. And then they’re forced to SIT and WAIT and wear down their adrenaline and energy all day till we get some crappy start time of 5pm or later. I mean the USC game, 8pm, REAALLY? Are you serious? WHY? So those lazy LA people could turn on the TV and watch the game on THEIR TIME? I mean I’m in Phoenix and *I* get up at the butt crack of dawn to watch games even when they’re on at 9am here. It’s what you do for the love of the game. Sure we might have been the ‘big’ game of the week, but so what, watch the game at noon or 3pm like it’s supposed to be. I hope at some point the AD or Tressel will say, HEY enough is enough. Let our boys play when they’re ready to play. Someday I might have to spend a month comparing the W-L record of our games by start time. But I don’t have the patience much for that, but in my memory we don’t win games that start as the sun is setting.

I hope that we continue to win. I look forward to once again watch our Buckeyes smack the tar out of those smelly beasties up North. Keep up the good work!

So early in June I decided I was going to attempt to get the sewing machine my mother in law gave me. It’s an Athena 2000, it was made in like the 70′s but this thing still rocks. The problem was that the bobbin winder was broken and no matter how many times D tried to fix it, the shop in Las Vegas couldn’t get it done. Bleah. So she gave it to me and went and bought a new Bernina.
Now me I’m practical. So I take the machine in to Mr. Vac & Sew to have them take a look at it. It’s now June 15th, and I know I’ve got to get it done because I have projects to finish before I head off to Ohio/Illinois for the reunions end of July. So long story short, they take a MONTH to fix it. I got the machine back last friday (17th) and I have been a busy little beaver finishing the table runner, a baby quilt, sewing my labels on those two plus a wine bag, and then working on the canvass bags I made for my Best friends mom and my best friend. Well I finish BFs mom’s bag and am working on Liz’s and POOOFITY the feed stops working. Dead in the water. SON OF A TART. I take it in to the shop again last night they’re like, no way, no how are you getting that machine back by Saturday (they’re closed Sunday) Shit. So Liz if you’re reading this. I’m still figuring it out ;)

Other news I’ve posted the wedding pictures of my Nieces wedding in Texas. I’ve still got roughly a crap load of laundry to do this weekend, pack, and finish burning cd’s and such before getting on the plane on Monday. Wish me luck.

No seriously. Okay so the foot. Is better? I dunno, maybe. I can’t stand that damn bootie. It’s HOT, and if your foot sweats, it SLIPS and if you get it TOO tight (so that it doesn’t slip) your foot SCREAMS in pain. Feck that. So I’m down to the ace bandage with a sock over it. I know I know. WTH why not listen to the doctors right? Okay but like I walked on it broken for 3 months, trust me, it doesn’t hurt now. It only aches a little after a long day of walking around or standing, duh.
If it’s not wrapped up, I’m wearing my Birkies. Yes, Birkenstocks. Yes I’ve officially gone hippy. But Republican gun toting, pro-choice, meat-eating hippy. We are the official step children no one talks about. ;) But back to teh Birkies. holy shit are they comfy. Now I know why the hippies wear them.

Other accomplishments. lets see… I completed a CD burn and handout compilation for the Buffum Family Association Genealogy CD. Sent it to the genealogists for our ‘creche’ got the errors tweaked and BAMMY baby it’s ready to go for everyone else. I have to do a re-burn of the cd’s to fix the errors but not the handouts ;) I also finished scanning the docs I picked up from Mother in Law for Eriks genealogy database I need to start working on. Both father and mothers family (as far as they know).

I finished a baby quilt, a wine bag/tote, and the table runner for the ‘give aways’ for the BFA reunion this year. Well the table runner still needs quilt stitched, but my machine is in the shop, maaaan. ;) Well 1 of 3 machines. So when it gets out of purgatory I’ll finish it up and be ready to go.

I also got us sorted to go to Texas for the wedding in a couple weeks. Good lord, wedding season in texas, the friggin Hampton Inn will be 140/night, 160 on the weekend. That’s a jack my friends. *rubs her ass*

I got the hair cut and dyed, and my eyebrows and lip plucked so I am damn smexy in case someone wants a photograph. What else… hmm.

Basically I have been obsessed withUrbanspoon lately. I have been rating the restaurants I like and want to visit and uploading copies of menus and photographs. All of this of course gets updated to My Profile. I have quite a few on my list for my trip to Ohio I want to clear including Michael Symon’s “Lola” in Cleveland which I have reservations for for my Best Friend Liz and I. I love eating (duh) and I love cooking, so why not go into total obsession and just blog about food and do reviews all the time. It’s pretty awesome. I don’t rave about food as much as I could, I try and keep it short. But man I could go crazy. There is also an Application you can download for your iPhone which allows you to “shake” for a restaurant when you can’t figure out where the hell you want to eat or what even you want! You can just let it fly, or narrow down your choices with price or location or style of food. Too awesome.

Well I’ve rambled on enough I think. :) Still picking tomatoes out of my garden, the lettuce is on hiatus till it cools off and isn’t bitter anymore, the beans have all but died, and of course I have 3 red bell peppers now growing away on my plant. Joy. Not to mention all the herbs. Lemons are doing well, Limes doing well. And I saved a baby birdy last week from certain doom. So life is good. :)

Baby birdy

Baby birdy