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I’ve been hijacked. Robbed. Swindled. Ripped Off.
Those fat green bastards. I am so angry. Buddha must be powerful indeed. I wanted to squish everyone but left them to rot into the plastic container while they shat out their devastation.

So this comes on the heels of me spending 7 hour plus days in the garden for a week tilling, aerating, composting, fertilizing and changing over the caliche compact soil we have mixing it in with good dirt, compost and fertilizer. And apparently a little extra bonus in one of the bags I picked up :P fucking Home Depot.

Then I put the new plants in the ground and spent another 3 days watering extra walking around checking them making sure they’re okay. thing is…. those little bastards are the same color as all my plants. *swears*

I also put in 3 new lights. One in each of the long planting beds, and a new on on the lime tree as it’s always been a dim piece of shit.

Replaced 2 burnt out bulbs, promptly a 3rd one burnt out. Luckily they come in a pack of 4. New blacklight bug zapper *ZOTZ* I am human and I AM sick of being eaten alive by those mosquitos the size of my hand. And everything else that flaps apparently.

I’m still pissed about the peppers. Apparently some kind of sphinx moth from what I can figure out. Son of a bitch.

For the new plantings I put in Spinach, Epazote, Lime Thyme, New lemongrass. Back bed has Cuban Oregano *oh yes ese* mojo time, Celery, curly parsley, italian parsley, purple sage, Jerusalem sage, Berggarten sage, and dill. We let loose the lady bugs to feed on the world. Too bad they couldn’t eat the caterpillars >.<

And I even spotted a baby translucent gecko one night while I was talking to Katie on the phone. (Photo's not great, but he kept running toward the light *ha*ha*) ;)



Baby Gecko

New spotlight on Oleander

Backyard full darkness new light on left and right. Lemon tree in center. (Half the brightness of the two new lights, but is brighter in person).

I’d post more pictures but right now I’m too tired to do them one at a time the batch uploader is broken and it’s annoying ;) later.

Jiggity Jig.

Now that I have been home a week and a half the life is starting to spring back to normal. I finally got caught up with all 3500+ emails, and yet some are left to do more work on. Yow.
I haven’t yet begun to compile the family bulletin (due out early June) or updated the website in forever. Especially to notate that we have lost a valued member of our organization. Gene Buffum passed away early March. He was the previous Genealogist and the person who got me hooked on ‘Buffum’ as it were. Even though I grew up Buffum, it was nice finding out what a diverse group we actually are. He will be greatly missed by many, but especially me.

Much is going on in Fauxenix but most important is the beginning of our mass exodus to the promised land. YES dear reader I have been greenlit to begin the westward trek to the land of sun and pineapple. Hawai’i! No we don’t know what island yet, who cares! Time to sell the house, inoculate the cat, and ship the house. Tally-HO! I am excited. Delirious actually. Lists have begun. YARR!

On another note! It has been officially one year since I have begun food blogging in earnest (mostly on and here are my stats.

Joined in May ’09
How am I doing?
124 Reviews
137 Like It Votes
41 Don’t Like It Votes
22 Friends
64 Kudos
30 New restaurants
92 Photos

What am I eating?
American 15%
Pizza 7%
Sandwiches/Subs 6%
Mexican 5%
Japanese 5%
Other 62%

Where am I eating?
Northeast Phoenix 43%
Deer Valley 23%
Scottsdale 13%
Cave Creek 6%
Gilbert 1%
Other 14%

Which cities?
Austin 3
Cleveland 1
Columbus 33
Edinburgh 1
Hawaii 3
Las Vegas 7
London 1
Ohio 1
Phoenix 119
Springfield 10
Texas 2

I am on the top contributors lists in Phoenix, AZ: Columbus, OH: Springfield, IL. Freaky ;)

Of other note my niece Katie turned 14 and was accepted to her target school that she applied to, and will be attending in the fall. Kick some ass kiddo, I couldn’t be any prouder of you than I am already at the person you’ve become.

On the other front, my TX niece and nephews all have managed to contract Whooping Cough. Yes that’s right you heard me. Jeebus. And of course poor Karl has it also. Un-be-freaking-levable. Get well soon.

Loki-chan is doing well and has put on 1lb 7oz since he was last in the vet. Although his titer has come back at the same viral levels of Coccidioidomycosis as the last check up 3 months ago, he seems to be combatting it better, and the osteomyelitis in his right forearm has repaired itself to a great extent and only has slight edema from the remaining shock to his system. While we are continuing to dose him BID/PO 50mg Fluconazole I think I am going to look into further treatment with a secondary azole cocktail because I’d rather he be spore free than be on maintenance medication.

Weather has been glorious. Hope you all are having a great Spring!

So as I write this I’ve finally made it through 1600 emails, a pile of mail, bills, and did the quick “to-do” mailings I’d promised people over the time I was on the trip to Ohio and Springfield.
I’ve now gotten down to the other ‘serious work’ I’ve got to do updating the families website, preparing bulletin articles and outlining what I can ask people to submit for me, and then redoing the Bylaws for the next years annual meeting. Once I’ve done that I’ll be well on my way to September or October :)

So before I left for Ohio I became worried about Loki because he’s noticeably slowing down in his activities. Which means I’m sure, that his FIV (Feline Immunodificiency Virus) is starting to ‘act up’ and his body is slowing down. I am going to have to take him into the vet and have them draw some blood and do a WBC panel at least to see where his white blood cells are at. I hope they’re above the 2k “bottom” level. I think it might be time to consider Interferon shots for the little guy. Lord knows he’ll love that :P

Anyway yesterday and moreso today he’s very lethargic, which just breaks my heart. I watch him, and he is just super affectionate which for him, is rare, and more importantly he’s not howling around the house announcing his presence to one and all. This while it’s nice for the peace and quiet, breaks my heart because I know it means he’s not feeling well.

He was diagnosed with FIV in April of 2007 and I think because we feed him people shrimp the high protein of his food has kept him active and healthy this long. I’ve come to the realization that I love him so much I’d feed him Sushi Grade Tuna if it would keep him around longer. He’s been the best cat I’ve ever had. A mouser, a birder, he catches geckos even though I’d rather he didn’t and has chased every pidgeon out of our house’s area because they know he’s a killer, 4 soft paws and fangs. He greets us when we come home, he wakes us in the morning (often just too darn early!) and most importantly he loves me, I don’t know why but he does.

I’m already crying because I can’t imagine being without him. If it means anything, to the vet who gave him a vasectomy when we took him to the county services clinic, you have my undying gratitude. He has been the most gentle and loving cat I’ve ever known. He’s never bit us once, never hissed at us or anyone who’s visited, and you can normally count on him to come sniff you out within an hour or so if you hang around that long.

So I will never, ever, let a vet whack off my cats nuts again just because it’s “easier”.

I’m gonna go look up more kitty news and wait till the am to make a vet appointment.

So early in June I decided I was going to attempt to get the sewing machine my mother in law gave me. It’s an Athena 2000, it was made in like the 70′s but this thing still rocks. The problem was that the bobbin winder was broken and no matter how many times D tried to fix it, the shop in Las Vegas couldn’t get it done. Bleah. So she gave it to me and went and bought a new Bernina.
Now me I’m practical. So I take the machine in to Mr. Vac & Sew to have them take a look at it. It’s now June 15th, and I know I’ve got to get it done because I have projects to finish before I head off to Ohio/Illinois for the reunions end of July. So long story short, they take a MONTH to fix it. I got the machine back last friday (17th) and I have been a busy little beaver finishing the table runner, a baby quilt, sewing my labels on those two plus a wine bag, and then working on the canvass bags I made for my Best friends mom and my best friend. Well I finish BFs mom’s bag and am working on Liz’s and POOOFITY the feed stops working. Dead in the water. SON OF A TART. I take it in to the shop again last night they’re like, no way, no how are you getting that machine back by Saturday (they’re closed Sunday) Shit. So Liz if you’re reading this. I’m still figuring it out ;)

Other news I’ve posted the wedding pictures of my Nieces wedding in Texas. I’ve still got roughly a crap load of laundry to do this weekend, pack, and finish burning cd’s and such before getting on the plane on Monday. Wish me luck.

*whistles while she blogs*

So March kinda ended shittily. Darling husband has informed me that he doesn’t like when I talk about him in my blogosphere. That he feels as if it’s telling the world too much. Well I’ll mostly respect his wishes, except where it coincides with my life. then well. :P suck it.

So on that note. E’s dad passed away 3/31/09 so we went up to The Meadows (Las Vegas) and had the funeral and all. It was very moving. There were actually two funerals, a Catholic Mass and a Military funeral. It was my first military funeral. Gun salute, flag presentation, the works. And everyone there is more respectful than I’ve seen at any other funeral I’ve been to. Very cool.

Other news of the Ides of March… we got a hellacious windstorm (like 40-50 mph winds) and I almost lost my precious lemon tree. I ended up having to lop off a good 3′-4′ of height so that it wouldn’t act like a wind sail when the wind whips over the stone wall. Then somehow I managed to pound a metal stake into the ground and get it lashed down on the north side. Which is the side the wind hits first. All of that during the windstorm and I got cut to hell and back. The lemon tree has thorns, some are a good 2-3″ long. I had cuts all over me. Looked like I’d gone to the mattresses with my cat ;)

But some good things did happen in March as well. First of all my lime tree is going to provide fruit this year finally *sings the hallelujah chorus* Dooo dooo dooo WHOOT! Seriously I’m so happy, now I have limes and lemons this year. Also I ripped up some of the crappy vegetation in the backyard, (much to the cat’s chagrin fortress-wise), and planted a bunch more herbs and also green beans, tomatoes, bell peppers (red and yellow), lettuce, and a brand new rosemary bush. Well I had rosemary before but it was a new plant I grew from a seedling, and rosemary is a tough barked slow-growing shrubbery. So everytime I needed some, I felt like I was killing the plant. The new one has **Tons** of harvestable herbage.
The cilantro is going *crazy* it just loves it’s little life now. I’ve also got thyme, chives, tarragon, dill, and actually I’ll have coriander seeds soon too. The ‘cilantro’ plant is really a coriander plant. Cilantro is the leaves from the coriander plant, while the ‘coriander’ itself are little seeds that sprout after the cilantro produces lovely white ‘queen-anne’s lace’ type flowers. So Yarr, two benefits in one. I also planted an avocado seed in the corner of the garden, but it’d be you know like 15 years before avocados would be harvestable but I figure the next owner of the house will get to reap the rewards of my frugality. I would get an orange or grapefruit tree, but I’m kind of out of room. Hee. The last note is that the kalanchoe and the oleanders are blooming beautifully right now. I’ll upload some pictures in a bit.

Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!