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So everyone is all worked up about the killer whale killing the trainer at Sea World. Okay, it sucks. Tragedy? Not really. No one is mentioning the obvious part. Here is a photo of the trainer and the whale, on the left.

Now here is a photo of their primary food source.

Coincidence? I think not. IT’s an animal people. Sure it’s a mammal, and everyone knows the killer whale is pretty smart. But if you had to do the same tricks everyday for something that looks like what you used to eat for dinner…. Think about it.

Oh and you say, well what’s with him pulling her by her blonde hair. I give you evidence B.

I rest my case. We should all be saying, poor whales, let them swim in the ocean and eat penguins. Of course I love penguins and this saddens me, but it’s the way of Darwin. Luckily they also eat seals. :)

So I’ve finally settled on a theme for my blog and I think I’ll have to get started on it now in earnest. :)

No seriously. Okay so the foot. Is better? I dunno, maybe. I can’t stand that damn bootie. It’s HOT, and if your foot sweats, it SLIPS and if you get it TOO tight (so that it doesn’t slip) your foot SCREAMS in pain. Feck that. So I’m down to the ace bandage with a sock over it. I know I know. WTH why not listen to the doctors right? Okay but like I walked on it broken for 3 months, trust me, it doesn’t hurt now. It only aches a little after a long day of walking around or standing, duh.
If it’s not wrapped up, I’m wearing my Birkies. Yes, Birkenstocks. Yes I’ve officially gone hippy. But Republican gun toting, pro-choice, meat-eating hippy. We are the official step children no one talks about. ;) But back to teh Birkies. holy shit are they comfy. Now I know why the hippies wear them.

Other accomplishments. lets see… I completed a CD burn and handout compilation for the Buffum Family Association Genealogy CD. Sent it to the genealogists for our ‘creche’ got the errors tweaked and BAMMY baby it’s ready to go for everyone else. I have to do a re-burn of the cd’s to fix the errors but not the handouts ;) I also finished scanning the docs I picked up from Mother in Law for Eriks genealogy database I need to start working on. Both father and mothers family (as far as they know).

I finished a baby quilt, a wine bag/tote, and the table runner for the ‘give aways’ for the BFA reunion this year. Well the table runner still needs quilt stitched, but my machine is in the shop, maaaan. ;) Well 1 of 3 machines. So when it gets out of purgatory I’ll finish it up and be ready to go.

I also got us sorted to go to Texas for the wedding in a couple weeks. Good lord, wedding season in texas, the friggin Hampton Inn will be 140/night, 160 on the weekend. That’s a jack my friends. *rubs her ass*

I got the hair cut and dyed, and my eyebrows and lip plucked so I am damn smexy in case someone wants a photograph. What else… hmm.

Basically I have been obsessed withUrbanspoon lately. I have been rating the restaurants I like and want to visit and uploading copies of menus and photographs. All of this of course gets updated to My Profile. I have quite a few on my list for my trip to Ohio I want to clear including Michael Symon’s “Lola” in Cleveland which I have reservations for for my Best Friend Liz and I. I love eating (duh) and I love cooking, so why not go into total obsession and just blog about food and do reviews all the time. It’s pretty awesome. I don’t rave about food as much as I could, I try and keep it short. But man I could go crazy. There is also an Application you can download for your iPhone which allows you to “shake” for a restaurant when you can’t figure out where the hell you want to eat or what even you want! You can just let it fly, or narrow down your choices with price or location or style of food. Too awesome.

Well I’ve rambled on enough I think. :) Still picking tomatoes out of my garden, the lettuce is on hiatus till it cools off and isn’t bitter anymore, the beans have all but died, and of course I have 3 red bell peppers now growing away on my plant. Joy. Not to mention all the herbs. Lemons are doing well, Limes doing well. And I saved a baby birdy last week from certain doom. So life is good. :)

Baby birdy

Baby birdy

So friggin bored and …. OWW wth?
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So I’m sitting here with a surgical bootie on my right foot. Why you ask? Well I seem to have a stress fracture of my 2nd metatarsal on my right foot. Does it hurt? Holy fuck shit yes… Did I walk on it broken for 3 months going “Ow damn, that really hurts.” Yes like a retard I did.
Did the ‘emergency clinic’ when I went in tell me it was broken. No. Told me to see a podiatrist. Took a copy of my x rays to podiatrist, pointed out chip out of my bone on my iPhone, she says, oh yeah and there’s the crack. You have a stress fracture. Here wrap it up in an ace bandage (oh my god that feels great) and wear this ugly little black surgical bootie for 4 weeks. Wait what the fuck? 4 weeks? seriously? holy crap. So I’m gimpy. But man it feels so much better, and look, no searing needle pain of death when I walk. A bonus.

In other news of the weird, I’m now officially down 70 lbs and still counting. yay me. Salad gets awfully boring however. But fruit is frigginly low calorie and possibly the only thing keeping me from eating 3 bags of salt & vinegar potato chips. Mmm chippps…

In other news. I’ve put out a bulletin (newsletter) for my family association. (You can see it at Buffum Family Association Website) and I’ve also pressed this years editions of the Genealogical database and Historical documents. Yarrr. Now I’m working on a Quilted table runner, wine bag, and possibly a baby blanket for the reunion door prizes this year. I’m almost done with the runner. Which is good because it’s the most complex by far.

My garden is growing like crazy. I have had tomatoes out the wazoo. Off of one plant I am getting 4 or 5 tomatoes every 3 days. Crazy. The Red Bell pepper plant has produced 5 fruits so far, one was tasty I picked it green Heee, two wilted in the sun before I put up the sun shade, and two more are still growing and quite large now. I got one round of green beans off one of the plants, the other one died. The herbs are all doing great, the lettuce is now too bitter because of the heat, and the lemon & lime tree are spewing out their little growing fruits like mad. I will definitely get lemonade this year and not impact my lemons for other things. :) Limes will have enough for salsas, beer, and other uses ;)

Every thing else is going well, except my foot. :)

Right Foot X-ray

Right Foot X-ray


Hwee :) Ta-ta for now!

So the two images below are entries into a contest I’ve entered while reading Star it had a page in there and you know I had one of those brain thingies.. and well *poink* I went with it this time instead of sitting there…

So if you all feel the love enough to want to go to the site and I’m sure hassle through registering and then voting for me I’d appreciate it. :) if not, just wish me luck and hope I win! :)

Go me!

Now i have to find someone to go with me to New York when I win ;)