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It’s not that I’m lazy. I’m just tired, and busy and well yeah I have things to do. And I haven’t been using my computer. I know. Scary isn’t it? Well here’s the thing. I don’t really miss it. Nope. I don’t. So sorry. I thought I would. The thing is, I don’t.

Happy Valentines Day to everyone. Most especially my husband, but he knows that already. :)

And on that note, I bring you. World Peace Incentive…

I’ve been hijacked. Robbed. Swindled. Ripped Off.
Those fat green bastards. I am so angry. Buddha must be powerful indeed. I wanted to squish everyone but left them to rot into the plastic container while they shat out their devastation.

So this comes on the heels of me spending 7 hour plus days in the garden for a week tilling, aerating, composting, fertilizing and changing over the caliche compact soil we have mixing it in with good dirt, compost and fertilizer. And apparently a little extra bonus in one of the bags I picked up :P fucking Home Depot.

Then I put the new plants in the ground and spent another 3 days watering extra walking around checking them making sure they’re okay. thing is…. those little bastards are the same color as all my plants. *swears*

I also put in 3 new lights. One in each of the long planting beds, and a new on on the lime tree as it’s always been a dim piece of shit.

Replaced 2 burnt out bulbs, promptly a 3rd one burnt out. Luckily they come in a pack of 4. New blacklight bug zapper *ZOTZ* I am human and I AM sick of being eaten alive by those mosquitos the size of my hand. And everything else that flaps apparently.

I’m still pissed about the peppers. Apparently some kind of sphinx moth from what I can figure out. Son of a bitch.

For the new plantings I put in Spinach, Epazote, Lime Thyme, New lemongrass. Back bed has Cuban Oregano *oh yes ese* mojo time, Celery, curly parsley, italian parsley, purple sage, Jerusalem sage, Berggarten sage, and dill. We let loose the lady bugs to feed on the world. Too bad they couldn’t eat the caterpillars >.<

And I even spotted a baby translucent gecko one night while I was talking to Katie on the phone. (Photo's not great, but he kept running toward the light *ha*ha*) ;)



Baby Gecko

New spotlight on Oleander

Backyard full darkness new light on left and right. Lemon tree in center. (Half the brightness of the two new lights, but is brighter in person).

I’d post more pictures but right now I’m too tired to do them one at a time the batch uploader is broken and it’s annoying ;) later.

Of course I’ll be dying it purple I think for Halloween ;) It’s not spiked, Leslie styled as she put it “so I could go out in pub-lic.” She doesn’t know me ;)

Btw, clicky clicky makes the pictures way biggie ;) And the shirt I’m wearing is an old shirt pre-weight loss. Last night I put it on and Erik and I both fit inside it. And there is still room to spare. Freaky. Reaaaaaly freaky.

Well the total update for the moment is 130lbs gone ;)

Very busy, very happy. Had to buy a whole new wardrobe nothing fit anymore officially.

Renae this is for you ;)

Lets Get Physical – Oliva Newton John

I’ve been busy, lazy, stressed. Bleah. You name it.

So the total so far is 108 lbs lost. Yay! :) I’m actually back down to the weight I was in in the mid 1990′s. Freaky. Nothing quite like gaining back 15 years. I feel about that much better as well. Knees no longer hurt, my ankle has healed mostly. All except the Tibial tendon on my left foot which I have exacerbated beyond the max and it is absolutely refusing to heal it’s tendonitis. Just buggered up and not budging. We hit it with the ultrasound, and massage it, it feels great! I move on it, BAM! Swollen and tender. Seriously, wtf. Really frustrating. Going to have to go back to old school hard core 600 calories or less instead of the 1200 I was at, if I can’t move it as much and still see the same weight loss.

I have goals you see. My best friend is finally getting married and I’m the matron of honor. And if I”m to wear Scarlet, well by god, I’m going to look hot dammit. I want another 100 lbs off by next June 30th, no if’s ands, and no big butts. That’s for damn sure. To hell with that shit. I will still be the ‘fat chick’ at the wedding. But I will not be the “HOLY SHIT” fat chick. That is for sure.

Cooking is still fun, just not filled with oil, butter, and fattening things anymore. And it presents a new challenge. Making food taste great without making it kill you in the process. You’d be surprised how easy it is, once you rewire your brain to think differently. I won’t way it’s easy period, it’ll always be easier to make dressings with oil but making them without, and with more flavor, I think makes it better in the end.

Happy with where I’m at. Happy with where I’m headed. Just have to get that damn tendon healed and it’ll be a much easier journey.

Low calorie easy Dessert
Pina Colada Popsicles

16oz Santa Cruz Organic Pina Colada Juice
3-4 oz Coconut cream (Just the white solid part from a can of coco lopez) if you don’t make it from scratch

Pour ingredients into Kitchenaid, (or other mixer) blend on reasonably high speed until mixture is completely emulsified. Coconut cream will be stubborn to blend into the juice. Make sure there are no lumps at the bottom or floating in the juice.

Pour mixture into popsicle molds or into paper cups with popsicle sticks. Freeze overnight.

3 oz of mixture contains:
45 calories, 10mg carbs, 9 mg sugar, 1mg fat, 7mg sodium, 0 protein. :)