That took fuck all longer than it should have….
I remember when writing html from scratch was so easy. You just typed and went about it all and it just did what it had to do. Now there’s all these div tags and css and widgets, and then I had to podge it all into the WordPress format which was the hardest part of all. When I got the Html running fine on my computer in a plain flat file, then I import it and kabloooie. I end up having to almost redo the whole bugger. But I digress…

I’ve finally started to put up images on this website that are important to me that I think I should archive for the good of humanity first. My sad little mundane life will I’m sure come second or third or eventually. At the length this page took (And I didn’t nearly publish even half of the pictures I have) it might be a while.

So TA DA, enjoy the new Chihuly picture page. Get yer glass works on….